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3 Tips for a Positive Birth Experience

Stock photo of woman caressing pregnant stomach

1. Exercise During Pregnancy

Though the pain and emotional stress of childbirth may be obvious, have you ever considered the amount of strength that goes into it? Many women overlook this aspect and feel unprepared when the time comes and proves to be harder than anticipated. By exercising during your pregnancy, you will be more prepared for the strength and stamina aspect of your birth. 

Some of the best low-impact activities for pregnant women include walking, swimming, and prenatal yoga, but always be sure to ask your doctor before becoming active!

2. Do Your Research and Know What You Want

Don't assume that childbirth will come naturally to you. By doing your research beforehand, you will be more in control, comfortable, and feel better prepared if you know what is going on and why. The more you know ahead of time, the more comfortable you will be with making informed decisions about things regarding your birth and postpartum care. Information can be found online, in books or magazines, or by taking a class. 

Since there is so much to know about birth and the care after, it is important to do your research and know what you want for things such as:

3. Choose the Right Doctor or Midwife and Put Your Trust in Them

The doctor or midwife that you choose can greatly benefit your birth experience. It is very important to do research and find a doctor that shares your beliefs so that you can avoid being pressured into procedures or medicines that you are not comfortable with. 

Consider asking people for reccomendations and interview doctors and midwives before choosing one to work with. For example, if you find a doctor with a high-rate of unplanned c-sections and you would prefer not to have one, find another doctor. 

Remember that, while it is important to find a professional that agrees with you, make sure you find one that will keep the safety of you and your baby as the top priority. 


We hope that these tips help you have a positive birth experience!


Thank you to Caroline at Swaddles & Bottles for the information

Karlee Lewis

Dr. Makunda Abdul-Mbacke 





Karlee Lewis

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