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Teen treated with acne regime, microneedling and chemical peels.

Acne can be problematic for both teens and adults, which can lead to insecurities.  These insecurities can lead to depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, which will lead to social problems.  Addressing acne as early as possible is the key.  Doctors are still struggling to find the true source of acne, and there are many theories.  There are factors that are known for certain and can be addressed.

The tanning bed!! Even though it may mask the problem and even the scars, the tanning bed actually increases oil production.  Not to mention it is one of the leading causes of wrinkles.

Over cleansing the face.  Excessive cleansing or using harsh/grainy exfoliants will aggravate the skin, making it look worse and throw off the skin's natural ph balance, which will lead to futher breakouts.

Picking/Squeezing the pimple.  As satisifying as it may be to some, touching your face invites more bacteria, while sqeezing drives the infectious bacteria deeper into the skin, which could lead to cystic acne.  Picking and sqeezing can also cause permanent scarring!! Please leave the extractions to a professional Aesthetician or dermatologist.

Excessive products.  Using too many acne clearing products can cause peeling, drying, irritation, and redness.  

Not using a moisturizer causes dryness which is counterproductive, because dryness increases oil production.  Always use a moisturizer (with a SPF)!

Other known causes are genetics, hormones, dairy, blood sugar spikes, product buildup and medications.  If you notice that when you eat something like cheese or milk chocolate, don't cleanse your make-up off at night, eat too many carbs or take a certain medication, that may be the cause.  Keeping an acne diary is great for your aesthetician.

Fifty (50) million people suffer from acne.  It can begin as early as 12 and go through your 40's.  It is never too early to start on an acne regime, epecially teens.  Teens are just begining to become more social and care very much about their appearance.  Acne can disrupt their entire lives.  Feelings of embarrassment, feeling that acne is ugly, being teased or bullied, all these factors can all lead to lower self-esteem, depression, and social issues.  These years are usually the foundation for how they feel about themselves and this very serious issue can leave lasting affects, both physically with scars on thier bodies and emotionally. 

Cleanse your face at night, cleaning off all the product, dirt and sebum (oil) from the day.  Use a nightly acne regime, that should include a moisturizer.  Cleanse your face with a wash that has a light exfoliant, in the morning.  Use a daily acne regime, these can be simple to complex, however, they should always include a light moisturizer and SPF during the day.

Please come see me, let's address your skin through a complimentary skin analysis.  I take women and men and girls and boys.


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Geanine Pregel Graduated with Honors as a Master Esthetician of the Health & Style Institute in Greensboro, NC. After graduation I went on to earn several advanced certifications in Medical Aesthetics. I feel part of feeling your best, not only comes from inner peace, but your outward appearance. I enjoy engaging with my clients not only on how to look their best but to alert them to lifestyle decisions that can affect their beauty and health, both presently and in the future. My philosophy is that a person is never too young or too old to begin taking care of themselves. I enjoy treating patients that struggle with acne, to help gain control of the issue before there are permanent scars, both physical and mental. Acne has one of the largest affects on self-esteem for both the young and old. The skin is the largest organ in the body and our health, habits, diet and stress all play a part in our health, which is reflected on our skin's appearance. I look forward to helping you with your skin issues!

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