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Dr. Makunda Abdul-Mbacke and her team of experienced healthcare providers at Piedmont Preferred Women’s Healthcare offer the women of Ridgeway, Virginia, the surrounding Martinsville-Henry county area, and Eden, North Carolina, discreet and comprehensive STD testing and treatment. If any woman in the area feels that she’s at risk of contracting an STD, Dr. Abdul-Mbacke encourages them to come in for testing, so that if necessary, treatment can begin as soon as possible.

STD Testing Q & A

What is an STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are infections typically passed between sexual partners via bodily fluids such as semen, blood, saliva, and vaginal secretions. Most STDs are symptomless in their early stages, so the only way to diagnose an STD is with clinical screening.

What are the symptoms of an STD?

The symptoms of an STD vary depending on the specific disease and the stage of development. Some of these infections and diseases such as HPV do not produce visible symptoms at all. Some infections can cause pain, ulcers, rashes, and other itching and burning sensations. Some of the common early symptoms associated with STDs include a burning sensation during urination, unusual, discolored, or smelly discharge from the penis or vagina, and a genital odor that doesn’t disappear even after bathing.

If you experience any abnormalities or changes in your genital health, you should make an appointment with Dr. Abdul-Mbacke for screening.

What is HPV?

HPV, or the Human Papilloma Virus, is an extremely common sexually transmitted infection. There are hundreds of varieties of HPV that cause several different symptoms. Some forms of HPV may cause warts to develop on the hands or feet, while other types may cause genital warts. Some strains of the virus even cause abnormal cells to develop on the cervix, and have links to cervical cancer.

There’s a vaccination available for HPV that’s most effective when administered in adolescence, before the age of 26.

How is STD testing performed?

The most common test for an STD is a urine or blood test. The test for gonorrhea involves a swab inside of the cervix or penis. Testing is typically quick and relatively pain-free.

Can I protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases?

Yes, you can protect yourself, although it’s important to understand that no method, aside from abstinence, is 100% effective. If you’re sexually active, the first line of defense from STDs is practicing safe sex. While most STDs are easily treated with antibiotics, the infection can still remain undiagnosed and passed from partner to partner without either one knowing. Additionally, viruses such as HIV, HPV, and herpes cannot be completely healed and will require a lifetime of management. Patients who are sexually active with multiple partners should have regular STD screenings to protect their health.

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