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Over the years, Dr. Makunda Abdul-Mbacke has delivered countless healthy babies. Pregnant women have access to her pregnancy care, birth, and delivery services at Piedmont Preferred Women’s Healthcare, in Ridgeway, Virginia and Eden, North Carolina. Dr. Abdul-Mbacke works in partnership with her pregnant patients to ensure they understand their changing bodies, the development of their babies, and what to expect during delivery.

Birth and Delivery Q & A

What happens when I give birth?

When a mother’s baby is ready to be born, her cervix will dilate. Every woman is different, so there’s no exact timing for cervical dilation. Once she’s 4 centimeters dilated, it’s time to go to the hospital for the labor and delivery. As the mother get closer to delivery, she may begin to experience contractions.

Contractions occur when the muscles of the uterus squeeze and relax as the body prepares to give birth. The mother’s contractions will eventually occur more regularly and become closer together as her cervix becomes fully dilated and the baby is pushed out of her body.

Labor can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of days.

What is a cesarean section?

A cesarean section, or a C-section, is a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby through an incision in the abdomen. Cesarean deliveries are used in emergency circumstances, or if the mother has already had a C-Section and isn’t able to give birth vaginally. Generally speaking, if the baby is at risk for any reason -- for example, if there are issues with the umbilical cord or placenta -- a C-Section is much faster and safer than biological birth.

For example, if a woman experiences stalled labor due to complications with the cervix not opening or being too small for the child, a C-Section provides reduces trauma for the mother and child. Similarly, if the baby isn’t positioned in the normal face-first position during the delivery and the doctor can’t make a manual adjustment, a C-Section may be used to prevent the baby from breathing before it’s completed its journey through the birth canal.

C-sections are also common when multiple babies are born. Mothers sometimes find it too difficult to push more than one baby through the cervix and birth canal.

Do I have a choice in delivery method?

Dr. Abdul-Mbacke has many years of experience helping women bring their babies into the world. She provides expecting mothers with all of the information and advice needed to determine the best method of delivery for mother and baby. Dr. Abdul-Mbacke wants each mother and baby to have the best possible experience throughout pregnancy and delivery, and understands that a one size fits all approach to delivering healthy babies doesn’t work. Patients are encouraged to ask questions about all the different delivery techniques to fully understand each method and determine which one works best for them.

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